Autumn is a magical season in Malta as the country cools down to a more placid pace after the hot months of Summer.  With highs of 25 and lows of 11 degrees celsius and just 9 days of rain on average in October, Autumn offers visitors a chance to enjoy all the activities and excursions that are not possible during the scorching peak months of Summer. 

Here are some of our favorite things to do in Malta in Autumn.

Visit The Hagar Qim Temples.

Enjoy the opportunity to see these Megalithic temples which are older than the pyramids and Stonehenge. The temple of Hagar Qim stands on a hilltop overlooking the sea and the islet of Fifla. At the bottom of the hill, only 500m away, lies another remarkable temple site, Mnajdra found above the Southern cliffs.

The surrounding landscape is typical Mediterranean garigue and spectacular in its starkness and isolation.

Hagar Qim is covered by a protective tent structure that makes it possible to visit even on a hot day. The view is amazing and you really get a sense of why the location might have been chosen for a temple. 

Malta’s history is magnificent – for any history buff, Malta’s megalithic temples will definitely be of huge interest. 

Dingli Cliffs from the air

Visit And Have Lunch In The Marsaxlokk Fishing Village.

Marsaxlokk is a small fishing village in the south-eastern coast of the island, which is home to the traditional colourful Maltese fishing boat, the Luzzu. With a small population of around 4,000, it is a very quaint and tranquil little village, with very little traffic passing through it. 

This touristic village boasts many fantastic fish restaurants along the waterfront which many locals also frequent. Marsaxlokk is normally bustling on a Sunday morning due to the popular fish market which is definitely worth a visit. Marsaxlokk is the perfect place to spend a chilled day relaxing by the sea. 

Walk The Alleys Of The Silent City

Mdina, located on a hill in the centre of Malta, is one of Europe’s best examples of a historic bastioned city and impressive mix of medieval and baroque architecture. It was built over 4000 years ago and served as Malta’s capital city before the current capital city of Valletta. With its winding streets, limited number of  residents and incredible views of the Islands it is truly Malta’s most majestic village. 

Mdina is often referred to as the “Silent City” by locals and tourists alike as only residents have permission to enter Mdina by car.  The town provides the perfect setting to walk around the narrow alleyways, chill out in cafes and take in the most amazing views in Malta.  

Mdina Entrance

Did Someone Say, Scuba Dive?

The sea surrounding the Maltese Islands makes for one of the most interesting diving spots in the Mediterranean. The three islands have many dive sites at both recreational and technical depths, including caves, reefs and both ship and plane wrecks. 

The clear blue, calm waters make for an intriguing, safe experience creating the perfect conditions for first time divers as well as experienced ones. The Um El Faroud shipwreck is one of Malta’s most well known dive sites. The wreck sits upright on a sandy seabed and is closest to the surface at 15m and deepest and 36m. The wreck location is of approximately 150m southwest of Wied iz-Zurrieq. 

A fairly new dive site is the world renowned Azure Window, which crashed into the water in March of 2017. The site is technically still visible, only you have to dive to see it. It’s definitely an adventure worth pursuing. 

Go See The Cliffs.

The west of Malta is still very much undeveloped and rural. Along most of the west coast lie the Dingli cliffs –  impressive, high cliffs that drop straight into the deep blue Mediterranean sea. 

The coastline provides the perfect setting for long country walks at sunset or maybe even horseback riding. From certain points on the cliffs you can clearly see the Maltese Islands’ smallest island, the islet of Filfa just 5km south of Malta. 

Where To Eat In Malta In Autumn:

Lunch: Is-Suq tal-Belt, Valletta .
Dinner: Tarragon, St. Paul’s Bay.
Lunch: San Giuliano Restaurant, Spinola, St. Julian’s.
Dinner: The Galley, Ta Xbiex.

What To Pack For Malta In Autumn:

You’ll need good walking shoes if you plan to venture out to visit Hagar Qim or walk along the cliffs. 

Swimming wear is optional. You may want to pack this just in case it’s still warm enough to go for a swim. 

Unlike most of Europe, you’ll need a UK power adaptor for your electronics here.